God and a Burger Bar

I didn’t want to move, no matter what my mum and dad said!

Sometimes living in Asia can be hard. Especially when God tells my mum and dad what he wants them to do and I don’t want to do it. This is what happened when my parents believed that God was saying our family should move to another town.

I really did not want to move there. So I asked God for something to prove to me we should move. I told God I did not want to go unless there was a burger bar (never seen in this country) and something I liked, like football or Dr Who. I didn’t think God could answer that.

When we went to the other town for the visit I was really bored. It was okay for a holiday, but I didn’t want to live there.

On the last day we met friends from another town and guess where they took us for lunch – a newly-opened burger bar! I couldn’t believe it. It was outrageous. After a yummy burger we decided to go to the park.

For a God reason we couldn’t get a bus. Then I saw it: a whole tiny shop selling football stuff. Not only football stuff but Liverpool stuff – my favourite team.

It was the best day and now I don’t mind going there. God answered me.

Since then my town has had an earthquake. Sadly, many buildings have gone, but the burger bar survived and it is still selling burgers.

Caleb Vonk – aged 11

Caleb loves football, burgers and Dr Who. He and his family have lived in a fairly remote, mountainous region of Asia for about five years. I wonder how many people in this region know that they, like Caleb, are important to God.

This testimony is from The Golden Chariot and is available at WEC HK. Click here for more information about this book (Chinese).