Donation Methods


Please make your cheque payable to: WEC International of Hong Kong Ltd. Please write on the back of the cheque or on a separate note, the purpose of the gift e.g. general office expenses, or the name of the missionary you wish to support. If it is for a specific missionary, please add which item you wish to support e.g. living expenses, specific ministry project etc. Please put down your name and contact details, for us to mail back the receipt.

Direct deposit/ Cash deposit:

to our Standard Chartered Bank Account No.: 436-0-689404-1, and keep the deposit receipt. Write down the purpose of the gift and your name (The name of the taxpayer) and contact details. Please send a copy of the deposit receipt to our Finance Department:

Autopay (Standing Instructions) monthly payment:

Please obtain the “Standing Instructions” form from the bank where you belong, fill it out and return it to your bank. The payee on the form is WEC International of Hong Kong Ltd, Standard Chartered Bank Account: 436-0-689404-1. After taking a photo or scanning the form, please email the copy the Finance Department: Please state the address of the donor and send the receipt in the email.

Faster Payment System (FPS):

Please transfer to Standard Chartered Bank account: 436-0-689404-1, to “WEC International of Hong Kong Ltd”. FPS ID as 167 461 490.

**For payment from churches or organizations, we will try to mail the receipt within the donation month. For individual donors, the receipt will only be sent at the end of each financial year, usually in early April.**

Thank you for your attention!