Asking someone to do something that they are not equipped to do, may rightly result in a refusal to do it.  We agree.  Our commitment is to journey with you on the road to the fulfilment of ‘your vision and ours’ of reaching out to those who know nothing of our Father’s love.  Equipping is part of that commitment.

Laying good foundations is the beginning. We have a number of cross-cultural training colleges that we recommend, whose aim is to put tools in your hands and teach you to use them.  Check them out at:

Getting started is one thing, but what then?  What if I meet something I haven’t a clue how to deal with?  Will I be taken care of?  Our commitment in WEC is to life-long learning and ‘in time’ training. We provide ongoing training in a number of areas such as:

  • Member Care: helping you to stay healthy, resilient and effective in the demanding situations of life and ministry.
  • Leadership Training: as well as training courses we also offer coaching and mentoring for those in leadership positions in WEC
  • Peacemaking and Mediation Training: Scripture teaches that it is absolutely essential to our witness and our fellowship that we live in reconciled relationships. Conflicts in relationships are a part of life but as an organization we are committed to living and working together in humility and harmony.
  • Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills Workshop: provided in partnership with other organisations
  • Intentionality and Church Planting: Through the presentation of concepts, case studies and an open forum the participants have the possibility to evaluate and define the best strategies in their Church Planting ministry.