Short Term Mission

WEC workers are engaged in many different styles of work, concentrating on planting churches, often in hard-to-reach places. The WEC missionaries usually work in teams which are in close contact with the unreached people groups with whom they work.

Available Opportunities



Teacher, Teacher Assistant


Construction work, administrative staff, media, medical, property mechanics, farm work

Mobilise Mission

Church Relationship, Ministry Staff

Community Work

Children work

Mission FAQ

We run short term programs to give people and their sending churches a taste of cross-cultural church planting with the hope that God will lead them back to that kind of ministry for a longer period.
WEC Hong Kong teams usually have four to eight participants. However, we also organize individual placements for people who want to go to a specific place or go for a longer period.
WEC facilitates churches to go on short term trips. We are happy to prepare, debrief and help in anyway we can to help your church have a short term experience in cross-cultural church planting.
WEC offers orientation that prepares the team or individual for their experience. It varies in length depending on how long the experience will be. As a rough guide a team going for three weeks will have a day’s orientation whereas an individual going for longer than eight months would do orientation for two weeks. Each orientation for an individual placement is personalised depending on the person’s previous experience. Following the completion of your trip, WEC provides a debriefing and follow up process to help you think through and apply what you have experienced, and readjust to life in Hong Kong.

If you wish having more preparing on missionary, you can also visit our Intercultural Studies Centre. These schools are located in Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and Netherlands. Please visit Equipping for more information.

WEC Short Termers go to one of our areas of ministry that is involved in sharing the story of Jesus, walking with those who want to learn more, and bringing people together into faith communities. Destinations include Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe.
Costs vary depending on the destination and length of the trip. Usually costs within the country, such as accommodation and travel, are cheap. If WEC supplies a team leader then a percentage of the total cost of the trip is put towards the costs of the leader.
There are five essentials:

You need to have a living relationship with God.
You need to be interested in exploring cross-cultural church planting ministries with an openness to have God lead you back into such a ministry for a longer period.
You need to have a church that is willing to send you.
You need to be over 17.
If you are going for longer than one month, you will need to have medical checks.

You need to contact WEC on 2388 2842 or contact WEC to explore ministry possibilities and build a relationship.
From there the WEC representative will contact the WEC ministry you are interested in and explore possibilities for your placement.
Talk with your sending church pastor and introduce the WEC representative to them.
Fill in application forms available from the WEC office.
Have your sending church pastor provide a written reference.
Complete medical checks and forms, as required.

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